About Us

Flatz is the innovative real estate agency providing mid-to-long term residential property rental service in Tbilisi, Georgia. We help people from all around the world to find their flat Z.


We are a team of young, enthusiastic professionals, determined to revolutionize the Georgian real estate rental market by making it simple, transparent and reliable.

What makes Flatz (so) different?


We transform a hassle into an experience.


We introduce technology to the process of house searching, viewing those and making reservations. This ensures that our clients get what they are looking for in a timely manner, with a guaranteed degree of impeccable quality.


Transparent Quality

Flatz ensures matching of observed and true quality of homes. This is especially important in developing real estate markets such as of Georgia where traditional online platforms fail to achieve quality transparency and are vulnerable to the presence of fraudulent products.

Instant Reservation


Many of our clients are internationals who come to live in the city for the first time. The distance reservations are available as soon as they make up their minds. So that everything is ready for them upon their arrival.


Our values

  • We represent customers - our efforts are fully aimed at maximizing customer benefits.

  • We believe in the youth - our team is composed of young, driven individuals who do not view lack of experience as a barrier to grow.

  • We treat everyone equally (including prospective employees as well as clients) regardless of race, religion, or sexual identity.